Battery Voltage Level

Battery maintenance comprises of three major activities:

  • Inspecting and cleaning regularly
  • Checking the electrolyte level (not for Gel Batteries)
  • Keeping the batteries in a high state of charge

Here, we shall discuss checking the battery voltage level and keeping the batteries in a high state of charge.

Battery Voltage Level:

Battery voltage can be determined by using a voltmeter. The positive lead of the voltmeter should be connected to the battery’s positive terminal and the negative lead to the battery’s negative terminal. Voltage corresponds to the state of charge in the battery.

The voltage readings for each battery should be regularly recorded and maintained in a log sheet.

Digital Multimeter set to measure voltage

Battery Alerts:

Off-Grid Solar PV Systems have an alert tone to indicate a low battery state of charge. The alert is triggered when the charge in the batteries falls below 50%. It is advisable not to operate the system in a state of low charge all the time as this will deteriorate the battery. If not necessary, loads should be turned off in such a circumstance.

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