• A Solar PV System is a long term asset. The life of a Solar PV System is about 20-25 years. Thus, it is in the owners best interest to see to it that the system functions well and operates at maximum capacity throughout its life. We, at Virtuous Energy, help you do that.

  • We offer our services in Operation & Maintenance of Solar PV Systems, post installation.


    Modules Cleaning

    Our team cleans up all the modules and make them dust free. Which effectively increases the generation.

    Performance Check

    We check the efficiency levels and help with the ways so that there is no deployment inefficiency. We even help with warranty claims if necessary.


    After checking the whole system we check for revamp or upgrade of the whole system based on the requirement.

    IR Verification

    Infrared verification check will also be done to check if there is a problem with each cell in a module.

    Safety Check

    Every single part of the system is checked and re-checked to make sure there is no leakage and the whole system is shock proof.


    Schematic diagram of the system will be given to the customer to along with final report for their further reference