Choosing your Solar PV Setup

Broadly speaking, there are three types of Solar Photovoltaic System setups, viz.:

So which Solar PV System should you go for?

There are two major considerations for choosing your Solar PV Setup:

  • Is Grid-connectivity available?
  • Do you need a power back up when the Grid Power isn’t available temporarily?

Grid Connectivity:

When Grid Connectivity is available, you would be advised to setup an On-Grid System which is tied to the grid and does not require local power storage, which reduces the cost of the setup.

If Grid Connectivity is not available, your only option is to setup an Off-Grid System which has local Power storage in the form of batteries. Your consumption would determine the total capacity of the batteries needed.

Power Backup

If you have Grid-connectivity but you experience a lot of power cuts and would like to have a power backup when the Grid Power goes out, you should go for a Hybrid System which would give you the best of both worlds. A Hybrid System would consume power from the Utility Grid when available and from the Batteries during a power cut, ensuring you have a power supply round the clock.