• Virtuous Energy provides customised end-to-end solutions for setting up Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Utility scale Solar PV Plants



  • We will help you choose the best system for your needs, be it On-Grid, Off-Grid or a Hybrid system and work with you to set up your very own Solar Power plant


    An On-Grid System is tied to the Utility grid and requires no batteries to operate. Power is taken from the grid if PV generation is less than the load and exported to the grid if generation is more.


    An Off-Grid System uses Solar PV panels to charge batteries. The power stored in these batteries is then consumed by the loads applied.


    A Hybrid system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid plants, being connected to the grid as well as batteries. Power generated is consumed by the load, used to charge the batteries and then exported to the grid, in that order of prioritisation.


    Utility Scale solar plants are large scale PV parks supplying power to the grid through a Power- Purchase Agreement (PPA). Click here to know more about our services.


  • Virtuous Energy was conceived with an objective to contribute to the development of high quality environmentally friendly energy assets, hence the name ‘Virtuous Energy’.

  • We are committed to living up to our name and provide the best and most efficient Solar services at the optimum price for your needs.


    Reduces Electricity Bills

    A Solar PV system is guaranteed to reduce your electricity bills. Payback period for capital cost incurred for installation of the system is usually less than 5 years.

    Truly Renewable

    A Solar PV System uses the sun’s rays to produce electricity. Once the system is setup, there is no further intervention needed from the owner and there is no danger of the system not producing electricity throughout the year due to environmental factors.

    Very Low Maintenance Cost

    Solar Plants require negligible maintenance and thus, incur negligible maintenance costs. Panel manufacturers guarantee at least 80% of rated power at the end of 20-25 years. Inverters have a life of around 10 years. Since there are no moving parts, wear and tear over the years is also negligible. The panels only require cleaning as part of regular maintenance.



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